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    My group and I made it to East Osceola a few minutes past noon. Our flag was flying (actually hanging between 2 trees) proudly until 2:00.

    Before the hike up and over Osceola we met up with Brian C and his buddy who were carrying the flag up to Osceola. We scanned other nearby peaks (Tripyramid, Carrigan, etc) with binoculars, but It turned out that theirs was the only other flag we could see from the east peak.

    While on East Osceola we met several hikers who knew about the event and wanted their picture with our flag. Other hikers were surprised by what they saw and thought what we were doing was a good thing.

    After the hike we had dinner at the Woodstock Inn, but left shortly after for the long drive home. Sorry I missed all the other hikers that may have been there.

    If this event will be held again next year you can count me in!