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    The 7 of us (Kris and Dan, Deb, Deb and Dave, and my 8 year old daughter Shannon) summitted Eisenhower at 11:40am under mostly sunny (windy) skies. We scrambled to put the flag pole together and hoisted it at noon with many guy lines, and spent another 10 minutes just trying to stablize it. After that, “Old Glory” was the dominate presence for the next 2 hours.

    We had about 40 other hikers show up, many who had seen the flag from both Pierce and Monroe. Some people were pretty emotional when they arrived, but then again so were we. Lots of people had their pictures taken, and spent time talking and reflecting.

    Mt Washington and Mt Monroe were both socked in with clouds when we arrived (everything else was clear). After about an hour, the clouds lifted and we saw a MASSIVE flag pole protruding off of Monroe. Several people also showed up and said “Garret says hi from Monroe”. We could clearly see the towering flagpole on Monroe and the one from Mt Jackson to the south. Awesome sights!

    Shortly before we took it all down at 2pm, a large group from RI showed up and as they were leaving for Mizpah broke into “Bye, bye, Miss American pie…..”

    We left the summit without a trace at 2:20, and met up with many other hikers at the Woodstock Inn/brewery later on to reflect and reminice. (even compared bushwhacking scars with Michelle, but she had me beat). Most people could see flags from other peaks, especially from Flume and Carrigain. Very memorable day, but all for a never forgetable cause…..