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If somebody who happens to be hiking up one of the 48 the day we do this decides to raise a flag other than the American flag, I certainly don’t think anyone should tell them not to. That would be un-American. However, I also don’t think that anyone involved in this project should raise anything other than the American flag. It would be just another example of Americans being more proud of the countries our Grandparents came from (which most of us have never even BEEN to) than the country we currently live in. I lost two cousins of Italian descent in the Twin Towers collapse, but I don’t think we should raise an Italian flag. One of the great things about this country is that it is made up of people from many other countries. When someone asks: “What are you?”, you answer, “I’m Russian, I’m German, I’m half Polish and half Vietnamese. The fact of the matter is, you’re American. And you’re American for a reason. Because it’s the greatest country in the world. We wouldn’t have lost members of 80 (#?) different nationalities two weeks ago if they didn’t feel the same way. It’s wonderful to be aware of where your family came from, but if it were a better place to live, that’s where you would be. The problem is that most Americans only display their patriotism when there is a war. (and to a lesser extent during the Olympics) Well, here, with the events of 9/11/2001, we have been given an “excuse” to show our pride. Let’s not dilute the spirit of our display by raising the flags of other countries.