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    I think 48 of 48 is a 100% attainable goal. WIth all the great ideas about increasing awareness and ways to get people signed up that were shared in previous posts, I hope that all 48 peaks are “sponsored” well in advance of the hike date. I met at least 5 groups of hikers on the peak I covered that seemed genuinely interested in participating next year.

    I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to handle last-minute cancels or no-shows? From the peak I “flagged” this year, I kept checking the next 4000 footer down the ridge which I knew had been sponsored, looking for the flag. It apparently never got covered, but stuff happens, and this is understandable. I was considering dismantling my flagpole & flag, hoofing it over, and planting it on the other peak for a while, but logistically it would’ve been a problem. Perhaps peak sponsor “neighbors” can communicate re: contingency plans if it makes sense? At least that will be my plan should I get the opportunity to cover the same peak next year.

    With the idea of a get-together the night before, I bet we could even find some more adventurous hikers who would cowboy-up for the challenge of hiking whatever peak needed to be covered on flag-day. A game day decision – that way any last minute cancels could be covered. Just a thought.