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What a perfect weekend. I spent last week battling a 104*F fever and it looked like I may not be able to participate. I felt better on Thursday and drank a gallon and a half+ of water, gatorade, and juice. I decided to definitely go. David and I left CT Friday morning and learned Chalie wasn’t going to be able to make it after hurting his foot during the week. He was very disappointed. I was still feeling a bit drained so we decided to hike up the North Twin trail to basecamp instead of huffing it eight miles into the Pemi as originally planned.

Saturday, we woke to clear skies and continued on up the North Twin trail. Around 9:00 AM, David mentioned it was around the time the tragic events of the day began three years prior. I reflected on why we were actually doing this and thought how amazing it was that there were summit teams all around the White embarking on their adventures.

We reached the East lookout on North Twin around 10:30 and admired the day as well as our destination. We quickly summited South Twin and began erecting our modest display. By 11:40, Old Glory was flying.

Our first three visitors knew of the event and were very thankful. They spent some time on the summit and even gave us a can of beer – thanks guys! One of the three then took a picture for us. Two other guys stopped by around nooon. The summit was surprisingly quiet despite being a beautiful September Saturday. I think there were a total of maybe only a dozen visitors. We flew the flag on the East side of the summit a hundred feet or so from the Twinway juction.

We were able to spot flags on 16 other summits. That’s 1/3 of the 48 4K’s!. The North Twin Flag was obviously the easiest for us to spot. Also with the naked eye, we could see flags on Hale, Zealand and after confirming with the binoculars, Bond. With the binoculars, we could also spot flags West Bond, Liberty, Lafayette, Garfield, Carrigain (East side of the tower), Field, Tom, Flume, Lincoln, and (we think) Eisenhower and Monroe! 😮 Visibility was great! South Twin has views of more 4K’s than many of the other mountains that I’ve been on.

We left the flag up until a bit after 2 PM and then headed out. The day was so nice that we spent more time on North Twin. The West outlook has great views of Franconia, Galehead and the hut, and the Pemi. The East outlook has amazing views of the Eastern Pemi and the Presidentials. We returned to camp around 6 PM and I was so drained that I was in my sleeping bag by 8 PM!

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