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    Frodo is on to something with his peak co-ordinator idea. Maybe we can have six volunteers to take an assignment of eight mountains to “watch” over. Upon signing up for a mountain, a confirmation letter could direct a group to this volunteer for further help and instructions. Maybe then you could get better coverage of the mountains. Perhaps we could divide the Peaks as
    1. Presidentals +Isolation
    2. Carters, Moriah and the Wildcats
    3. Sandwich Range
    4. Kinsmans, Moosilauke, Cannon, Waumbek, Cabot
    5. Hancocks, Carrigain, Tom, Field, Willey, Hale, Zealand
    6. Franconias, Owls Head, Twins, Bonds + Galehead,Garfield.
    It’s not split totally evenlly but a co-ordinator could organize people to meet at like trailheads to hike a little ways together.

    Anyone have a date to throw out for a planning party? How about May 8th weekend?