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Wow! We had a huge crowd on the Lincoln ridge. I talked with a ranger up there who had a counter, last checked at the end of the day he had 401 passer-bys, most he said he has ever seen!

Thanks to Nicky I made the trip!
That little hobo wanderer sure can hike. We gotta weight him down next year!

I have to say that this group effort was indeed a fine example and tribute to our American heritage. Thanks to all for carrying the spirit.

Many people asked what it was all about on the summit, everyone asked what the PVC pipes were for on the trail.

But my hat and heart goes out to the soldier who carried a flag on his pack over the entire Flume, Liberty, Lincoln, Lafayette ridge.
He had come back from Iraq with the very flag that flew on an Army established base in Kabul for months. Indeed, the flag looked of a harsh sand stormed, weather beaten and war torn journey.
He said he carried it for his buddies still over there.
“it was the least he could do for them”

I’ll plan to be a part of this group effort for FOT48 for years to come.
Hope to meet more of the group next year.

Meanwhile, just proud to be an American.

Brownie, (Jeff)