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Are there a lot of groups that repeated the same mountain over the last two years? I don’t think that many. But I do see your point. For tradition’s sake, I am sure that some folks will want to repeat the same mountain for whatever reason. MtnMagic comes to mind as having done Cabot the last two years. It would be great, publicity wise, to ensure that these traditions are allowed to prosper. It makes for a more unique event. But, we could have a problem as to where we draw the line on tradition. How would we judge that? It’s a great idea but if not done correctly may throw a monkeywrench into the works.
I think a campground is the way to go for a gathering spot. I’d vote for Lafayette. If the weather is lousy then we could hit Truant’s in North Woodstock or return to the Mooseland Grill. Doesn’t really matter, Im game for anywhere. So how about May 8th at Lafayette Campground and on Sunday we could do a group hike somewhere?
Jaytrek’s idea of an “all crew” meeting is also a great idea. I could see this event overflowing two days on the weekend with the Flags event on Saturday, plus a “gathering day” on sunday. Sunday’s agenda though could be wide open from
1. Hitting and flaging the peaks that were missed on Saturday (hopefully we don’t have to do this because we’ll have enough coverage)
2. A possible Rain-Date if the weather on Saturday is bad. Knock on wood, we’ve been blessed weather-wise the last two years
3. Put all the crews together to do up one mountain HUGE!!! Find the biggest flag and fly it from Liberty to re-create the orginal event
4. Plan dayhikes and just hang out.
I realize many poeple drive home after the event, but with advance notice, I’m sure many people would make a weekend of this and throughly enjoy the cammerdie that this group brings.

Enjoy have a safe Turkey Day 😀